Siri Hustvedt

Freiheit Deluxe
Jul 2021

Freiheit Deluxe

Freiheit Deluxe

Listen to the latest podcast from Freiheit (Freedom) Deluxe featuring a conversation between Jagoda Marinić and Siri Hustvedt.

"Women. And Misogyny."
How to be taken seriously as an intellectual woman - in arts or politics? "Wrinkles help, age helps" - Siri Hustvedt is sure about that. Because women are associated with the body and men with intellect. Hustvedt and Marinić are laughing a lot in this episode, although the topic is grave: They talk about misogyny and how it limits the freedom of women.

"Misogyny is punishment, hatred and it is particularly directed at women who are ambitious", Hustvedt says and she attributes Hillary Clintons defeat against Donald Trump in 2016 to misogyny. All women are supposed to be caring and obsequious, because Western culture has fixated on the maternal role, Hustvedt states: "And when that is not performed to the satisfaction of those who believe that this is her natural role, punishment ensues."

Every two weeks Jagoda Marinić meets people whose words and actions trigger and sort out debates. Listen here.